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Friday, November 19, 2010

Review of The Holiday Missions & Serial Assassins

Well here we go again the new Holiday Missions & Serial Assassins are here.  

To be honest I think the Holiday Missions are a waste of time. The Holiday Traffic Mission loot items aren't that good (only 2 decent items A Roaring 20's Car 32 attack/ 62 defense & a Hippopotamus  63 attack/ 46 defense)

Then watch for the Stuff The Bird Mission and you will get a rusty old knife called Tetanus 39 attack/63 defense. Woo Hoo. 

So if you must do these missions then go for it, especially if you still need the achievements that would be the only reason I would be doing them. 

Here are the loot items you can get so you be the judge if this is what you want to waste your energy & stamina on.

As for the Serial Assassins event going on well that is just like the Uniform Event. You collect the Dead Bee's then wait for the Golden Tigers to open up, then you collect them, then wait for the Dried Clover's to open and then collect them.

These are much better items and the good thing is that once the final item opens up and you finish the event then you can do this event 2 more times and collect the loot items again. So not so bad. Plus you get a really good Grand Prize Weapon " Gun Powdered Milk 134 attack/ 105 defense. ( Weird Name I know, I guess the developers were in the Poker Room again with the water pipe. ) 

   Serial        Assassin      
Bronze Stats
4 Gifts
Silver Stats
8 Gifts
Gold Stats
16 Gifts
Dead BeeBee SharpArmor(36/61)(40/72)(44/76)
Golden TigerToni TigressArmor(63/37)(74/45)(79/47)
Dried CloverUnluckyArmor(38/62)(41/74)(49/81)

So there you go thats my take on the Events but you be the judge and if you want to go to the game and do these just click the picture below this. Have fun everyone. 

Thank You Jennifer, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady & The Official Mafia Wars Blog for some of the images & Chart. 

1 comment:

  1. Confirms my thoughts that these are a waste of stamina/ Energy. These promos are mainly to get you spending S/E that you would normally use to level or make progress in your plan or playing method.