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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Boss Fight We Really Want From Mafia Wars

New bosses, new fights, new rewards - Get ready for the
"Takeover At Zynga" fight event!

Players will be taking on 4 Zynga bosses with the help of their
mafia in order to earn the "Codes To Fix The Game". Each 
Zynga boss requires that the previous Zynga boss be defeated
before progressing further. You'll need to ask your mafia for 
help to defeat each boss before time runs out. When your 
mafia comes to your aid, they'll be able to fight a Zynga boss 
as if they are facing the Zynga boss themselves. Those who 
earn the most damage per Zynga boss fight will receive the 
additional reward of not being Zynga'd!

Make sure you have your strongest gear and weapons in tow - 
each Zynga boss fight will become increasingly tougher as you
make your way through the levels & watch out for the nerfs 
and rollbacks along the way. Only after you defeat one Zynga
boss will you be able to move on to the next. When you play, 
you'll be rewarded for defeating each Zynga boss and earn 
codes to fix glitches along the way, as well as gain well-
deserved bragging rights.

Defeat all 4 bosses through the gold level and you'll get "All 
The Zynga Codes To Fix Game" as your grand prize.

Boss Timers:

Bronze—12 hours
Silver—8 hours
Gold—4 hours


Boss Lee –

Bronze - Real Daily Chance Prizes Code
Silver - Real Slot Prizes Code
Gold - Real Daily Take Prizes Code

Boss Davis –

Bronze - Fix The Gifting Code
Silver - Fix The Job Mastery Bugs Code
Gold - Fix The Loot Drop Rates Code

Boss Chiang –

Bronze - Fix The Boss Fight Health Code
Silver - Removal Of All Pop-Ups Code
Gold - Removal Of Spinning Revolver Code

Boss Pincus –

Bronze -  Free Reward Points Code
Silver - Free Skill Points Code
Gold - The Adding Of All The Bookmarklets Code

Event mastery item:

"All the Zynga Codes To Fix Game"

Bronze - Security Code For Main Server
Silver - User Name 
Gold - Password

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  1. Now that is a Boss Fight I would not find tedious.I especially would like to bring all my firepower to bear on Boss Pincus! LMFAO!!!