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Thursday, November 4, 2010

LOOT GIVEAWAY CONTEST @ The Facebook & Zynga Podcast

The Facebook & Zynga Podcast is going to be giving away Mafia Wars prize packages to our listeners & fans for when we get to 2500 members on our fan page. There will be 3 lucky winners. Just Write "Pick Me" in the Dicsussion Thread "Loot Giveaway Contest" and no double posting please. Good Luck Everyone !!!

1st Prize 
1 $25 Facebook Credits Card
1 Mafia Wars Hat
1 Lotto Set
2 Money Laundering Sets
100 Mugatis
100 Gila Monsters
100 Nah Kha Shotguns

2nd Prize 
1 Lotto Set
2 Money Laundering Sets
100 Hunter Spys XS
100 Gila Monsters
100 Rail Guns

3rd Prize 
1 matchbook collections
1 cactus collections
1 mojave animals collections
1 tools of the trade
1 money laundering collections
100 Gila Monsters
100 Forest Scorpions

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