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Monday, August 23, 2010

Zynga's Advice On How They Can Help To Get You Unbanned On Facebook

As you know by now Facebook seems to be on the warpath and are disabling peoples accounts left and right. In some cases Facebook is right but in most cases they are wrong and are punishing the innocent and Zynga see's this and has offered to help you get your accounts back. They are not guaranteeing anything but will try.

This is taken from a room on skype with some clans representatives and some zynga reps. They are aware that the FB bannings are increasing and in order to help, this is their suggestion:

[8/20/10 4:13:38 PM] zynga: So obviously we want you to play the game and banned accounts keep you from doing so. It is not good for us nor is it good for you. So in order to help track these issues, we have a process we will need you guys to follow...


If you get banned...
Submit a Customer Service (CS) ticket... "I've been banned from facebook!" or something to that extent. You will get a response with a specific escalation URL for Facebook
Use that URL to appeal your ban to facebook...
If your ban is lifted... Halelua!
If not...

Copy the response you get from facebook and reply back to the CS ticket with the response. We will then be able to take that information and escalate it from our end. So... here is why we need to do it this way...

We need you to submit the ticket so that we can have a solid tracking in our system so no one gets dropped in an email shuffle. Use the URL that we provide you to appeal, while there are many URLs out there that can do the samething, this one is specific to our issues.

And we want to know the response that you get because we want to know what is being communicated back to you.

Use the above guideline if you ever find yourself FB banned.

Also, it was hinted at that accounts that are looked at are accounts that are created only for gaming purposes, have no personal data, one or two cartoon avatars at most. So basically fake names, energy mini's, and so on. Read below:

[8/20/10 5:02:16 PM] zynga: I don't... Zynga doesn't condone the creation of fake accounts for the purpose of playing the game... but this I can say...
[8/20/10 5:03:42 PM] zynga: If all you have is one cartoon image in your account and no personal info/message posts... it is highly suspect :).
[8/20/10 5:03:56 PM] zynga: And we completely support Facebook's ToS :).

We asked Zynga if there will be a platform for us to play on that does not require a FB logon (if you are banned):

[8/20/10 5:16:29 PM] zynga: Yes... we are looking at options to improve the game and playing experience... any change... be it swaping energy packs in game or creating an entire platform, requires time to plan, program, test and implement. The larger the change, the longer it is going to take. All I can say is that there are many projects currently in many different phases... and we still have to provide new challenges to keep the game interesting for all level of players :). Fortunately we have teams of people who are able to work on multiple projects at one time. So while it may seem that we keep launching missions or new cities... that doesn't mean we don't have another team working on other issues/improvements.

So if you have been disabled, give this a try and see if this helps. Remember Zynga isn't promising anything and they have no control over what Facebook does BUT they do make the most money for Facebook than any other Social Game on the site so they might listen to them.

Give it a try it cant hurt and continue to do do what I recommended in my other blog by sending emails to Facebook and try to be respectful.


  1. This is great news ! I lost my account last year after getting pink slips for adding too many friends (trying to increase my mafia family ) finally received a response after 2 weeks saying they would not reinstate my account or give a reason.

    Hopfully your intervention will help some people

    Linda Duessmann

  2. Wait, did Zynga just say they "test" new features?


  3. mai tsanfe To whom it may concern:

    I would like to ask that you re-instate the account of my close personal friend Indrayana Santika. I have been her friend for 13 months, and have played along side her in Mafia Wars, a game created by Zynga, and endorsed by Facebook. We interact through Facebook on a daily basis.

    Indrayana Santika is an outstanding player, a great friend. Logging on this morning, to see that her account is still disabled, was very disheartening. She is an honest player, who is very supportive of those that play the game along side her. She is an advisor, and has been responsible for enhancing my personal gaming experience. Without her guidance, I would not be playing this game.

    This is just so inconceivable that with all the people on Facebook, it's her account that has been disabled. I know, for a fact, that she is a real person, and that this is a real account. Please consider re-instating her account. It will be a very uncomfortable situation to play this game without her assistance, and guidance.

    I would like you to please re-activate her account, as soon as possible. This is a real person, who has many friends that support her, and miss her guidance in this game.

    Best regards,

  4. So what exactly is the link to send Zynga this CS ticket? I go to their support site and I see no option anywhere I can send a support ticket with a header of my choice

  5. sounds like A variation on " this is a known issue.. we are working on it" .. B ** S **....

    ~and why does Zynga need to add more?/ we (the PLAYERS).. want Less
    added.. and the existing stuff fixed.

  6. If you run into trouble and need support from Zynga:

    Customer Support Site:

    Customer Support Guide:

    or direct email is mafia wars support

    Zynga Game Network Inc.
    (866) 820-2321
    365 Vermont Street San Francisco, CA 94103

  7. please reinstate the account of my close personal friend marvin lagamayo(Loda Steivo)...please

  8. I cannot see where you can submit a CS ticket anywhere!! Please help.

  9. FB disable my daughter's account for no good reason and i got 2 warning for adding friends this sure sucks,i play mw every day,one of my top mafia got his account disable for having more than one account so what? He never got his account back.I wish Zynga would come up with his own web site.

  10. Who matches:

    With all due respect, if you have heart, activates the account from my friend "Break Rules", please ... You're killing that person's life! She lives for her family's mafia, is always helping everyone and not think she has done something wrong! So... for the love of GOD restores my little sister PLEASE!

  11. I can tell by your email that you have been banned by Facebook. Since this is not about your Zynga game, you will have to contact the Facebook Team for them to further assist you and give you a hand with the status of your Account. Checked your game and everything seems to be normal on our end, so as soon as you solvet his inconvenienice with Facebook and get your account back, you will be able to play without any problem again.

    If you need further help, don't hesitate to contact us back.

    Daniela Guadalupe
    Zynga Player Advocate

    Did Zynga Support help put the wag back in your tail? Bark some Love on Twitter with #zyngalove
    Your Incident # is: 120516-17728533

  12. John SweeneyAugust 24, 2010 at 10:58 PM
    If you run into trouble and need support from Zynga:

    Customer Support Site:

    Customer Support Guide:

    or direct email is mafia wars support

    Zynga Game Network Inc.
    (866) 820-2321
    365 Vermont Street San Francisco, CA 94103

    could post any updated links please as a friend has had there account locked,

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