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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Z Lotto for Zynga Games

Z Lotto by Zynga : A new scratch and win game. Each ticket allows the player to scratch three spots for a chance to win a loot prize from one of four sets. If one of those spots is a star, the player wins.
Loot sets are for Mafia Wars, PetVille, FarmVille, YoVille and coming soon FrontierVille. There are 4 prizes to win for each game and they seem to be pretty good especially the Mafia Wars ones, Set 1- Bola Knife 65 attack/27 defense, Set 2- Protective Shirt 27 attack/64 defense, Set 3- Yeti Snow Cruiser 63 attack/26 defense and Set 4- Jackal 25 attack/65 defense. 
So how do you get this? Well you need to register your email and set up an account with Zynga, and this is very easy and quick to do, just click this link  and fill out the information. If you already have an account with Zynga there is no need to re-register just log in to your account. You will then get a prompt to check your email to confirm your account. 
Once confirmed you will see you have a scratch off to try and win a prize. You then click on 3 boxes to see if you win. You need to find the star & if you find it and win you will be asked to chose a prize. You pick what game you want to get prize from and collect it.  Then you will be prompted to ask your friends for more tickets and you can get up to 20 tickets per day from your friends. All you do is either email your friends a request to send you tickets or you can use a link that you can copy and paste for Facebook on your profile. 
You will receive in your email a notification every time your friends send you a ticket. You then just click the link and click play and it opens up a new scratch off card to try and win. You can also send every friend a ticket back right from there so they can play too. 
You can also book mark the page so you can go back each day to play. This game is for a limited time only so if you want free loot check it out. Have fun everyone


  1. What do you do to get off this lotto list .. I only play Mafia Wars and I have all the weapons and so do my friends .. so I don't need any more tickets !!

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