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Saturday, August 14, 2010

This Weekend In Mafia Wars Land.

Hey everyone well looks like we have a couple of new things this weekend for everyone to play with on Mafia Wars.

The first thing is we have another new collection we need to get and we can get them by collecting Blue & Red mystery bags. It is called the Mystery Bag Collection and they are themed after a mystery book. With a nice loot item for finishing the collection called The Maltese Falcon ( a car ) and it is 42 Attack / 65 Defense. Well at least we don't have to go crazy with this one as most people send them to you anyway.

They also have something called the Mystery Reward Points Piggy Bag. It is a mystery bag that comes and give you reward points. These are rare and come randomly so don't get your hopes up for to many of them.

And finally Mafia Wars brought back Beat The Feds Challenge and once again. But it has been full of glitches and bugs and it has now been pulled for a 3rd time this morning. This response from Customer Service was in the forum and posted this last night. It was then pulled down and is no where to be found. And NO comment from Zynga in the forums.

"We're seeing some technical issues with the Fight Event, so we've slowed down our release while we work on resolving the situation. We want to thank our players for their patience and for immediately providing us with helpful info which we're using to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

We'll keep you posted on the status of the event as soon as we have more information for you. Again, thanks for your support!"

The event was scheduled to go on for 10 days. And I cant complain as it worked for me and I finished it. But the reports coming in from players everywhere was that it was glitchy and caused a major lag on the game. The lag I did see.

The event uses alot of stamina, and I mean alot and you will burn through your health quickly as you get to the Gold Level. You will also go through alot of your consumables so stock up. But the rewards are very nice once you master them, if you ever get the chance. Check them out.

But it was also locking up the game so you could really play the rest of the game without getting the NEW spinning revolver. So in essence it is good they pulled it again and I know I speak for everyone when I say this. Zynga dont bring it back unless it is fixed fully and the bugs are worked out.

And I really hope they can get this issue resolved soon and compensate all of the players who lost all their stamina/health/consumables/loot and have to redo the fights. Well time will tell wont it.

Well that is for now and the all pictures used in this blog were as a courtesy to Zynga and they own all the rights to them. Also “This blog is not endorsed by or affiliated with Zynga Game Network Inc. or Facebook, Inc.”

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