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Friday, July 2, 2010

Zynga What Are Thinking ???

Hi everyone I just wanted say I am pissed so lets get right to it.

Zynga what are you thinking these days??? You come out with a great new feature that helped alot of people get issues with all their games fixed quickly and by some nice customer service reps. So what do you do, you remove it and force everyone and even tell them to use the forums to get answers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!! Are you all smoking them funny cigarettes again or do you really dont give a crap about your users. Oh wait, you are Zynga I forgot you just dont give a shit.

You finally had something your users could use to get real time issues resolved right on the spot most times. Now you want them to go to the forums where even your moderators dont know where to find stuff. Nice move buttheads.

Have you ever put in a support ticket and got something fixed in a timely fashion. You should try it sometime I bet your ticket either gets ignored or you get a canned answer of we are working on it and you will have answer in 48 - 72 hours and then the issue is never resolved. You will have to submit another ticket and that one you dont even get an answer on. I am telling you just try it you will see !!!

I cant imagine why you would remove a perfectly good thing. Oh wait maybe I can, it has to be my fault. I pimped it out to over 100,000 people and I know they did to so the only logical thing that comes to mind is you were overwhelmed by all the people who had issues and you didn't have the staff to handle it. Ok my bad. I am sorry LMAO. NOT!!!

We know why you removed it you saw how many people really did have issues and panicked cause that means you would of had to do some work. That would also mean happy customers and you couldn't have that. An upset customer keep you getting free press and your name on the front burner.

Well all I have to say Zynga is you have your disgruntled users back. We are all yours again. We are stuck with that crappy forum again and putting in tickets that will never get answered. Nice Job you are probably gonna lose another 5 million or so users. I am being to think your company is run by idiots AHH who am I kidding I already knew that and so does the rest of the world.

And what is up with you coming out with all these lame mystery animals. WTF !!! you were doing well there when you unveiled the good high end loot items and then you follow it up with this. GEEZ that must be some good stuff you are smoking over there.

You really need to get back to the basics and have teams concentrate on just one game at a time. Fix the bugs and issues and stop coming out with crap.

Well if I continue I will give myself a head ache. I will leave you with this Zynga try what we have suggested. Get some users who are high level players who really know the ins and outs of the game compared to your staff.And let them beta test things for you and then give you reports on what works and what doesn't. Dont leave it to the people in the forum to just give your ideas. USE BETA TESTERS !!!

P.S. Bring back the One On One Live Chat again or you will find yourself out of business especially when EA Games/Playfish, Sony, and all the big boys come into the social gaming industry for real.


  1. Ive noticed that zynga didnt have any problem chatting with a person when they screwed up and let folks cash in on all those so called illegal points.
    I guess theyre issues are much more important than ours,,, so now I guess its back to business as usual ,

  2. LOL, i guess i lucked out. i went to find info in the forums yesteday because i had my baht turn into a negative amount that zeroed itself out as i added money to it. i was so happy to see 'chat' as an option and couldn't believe i had never noticed it before. the cust serv rep was super nice and fixed it right away. i wanted to tell her that i loved her and that if she were male that i'd be happy to have her children, but she was fine with a simple "thank you" thus sparing me a lot of complicated explaining to my husband nine months from now.

    imagine my surprise today when that chat was gone. i was so disappointed and thought maybe it was only available during regular business hours, which was disappointing, but okay because i thought it was a great service to provide to customers.

    yep, zynga gets a big BOO! from me for discontinuing this service if it is indeed discontinued.

  3. i hate that they make changes and upgrades to the game when they still have so many problems that needs to be taken care of already...

    maybe fix what is broke, then make changes to the game...

    also I'm tired of them doing one thing. then i get excited about it, then change it... it's BS

    I'm not spending a cent on this game anymore. I'm pissed off and tired of spending money on a game that is not performing how I think it should considering the money that we have ALL put into this game.

    Shame on you Zynga.... not a fan. I'm here for the friends and the social network now.

    Oh and since when do animals have anything to do with Mafia? WTF is that about? I could undestand a animal that you can feed a person to.... but some of these things.... BLAH WTF Zynga huge let down.... time to go back to the drawing board.... really.

    Also I'm tired of having your other damn games pushed on me and everyone else. If we wanted to play other games we would.... don't push away, you may lose us all together... I say pick your top 3 or 4 games and be done with the rest.... put some big money into the big ones, have them run well, and proper and maybe we could be happier....

    Okay I'm done, sorry, just a lil cranky

  4. As always you are spot on what more can I say

  5. John, I have always liked your point of view when it comes to looking at Zynga. I never got to use the chat before it was taken down. God knows I have questions that could be resolved.
    I must say Zynga did resolve an issue for me once, but I think they just made a mistake and did the right thing. It took 14 e-mails, and when it was resolved no e-mail stating what the problem had been and what they did to fix it ( I was getting no Rubles and Exp in Moscow when I did a job, I got no Rubles but got exp when I assisted on a Moscow job).
    After all the stupid, canned suggestions, it took a series of Screen shots before and after each task to convince them it was not my fault, not my browser's fault and certainly not God's fault (you know acts of God lol).
    It got solved fast but I never got a word from them, nor any reparation for all the wasted energy and stamina I spent.

  6. In the REAL world, if a company had issues even remotely like Zynga and their customer service was this poor - they would be out of business in a hurry. It is very easy to have automated replies sent out. I went through almost two months of problems with Zynga. It only took TWO MONTHS to get my account to where I could even see the game on my computer, even though if I logged on with my boyfriend's account, I could play the game just fine.