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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mafia Wars 2nd Anniversary Celebrations

Summer is here, and Mafia Wars is heating up! We are celebrating 2 years of crime with some exciting events starting this weekend.

Gone in 60 hours – Chop Shop Celebration

Got the need for speed? Starting Friday, your Chop Shop is shifting into high gear. For 60 hours only, you can build twice as many cars (one car every 12 hours), all Chop Shop construction materials and car parts (including special parts like Solar Panels), and all Chop Shops will be able to build the exclusive limited-edition Future Shock 1985.

This pimped-out car not only has a healthy attack and defense, but it also provides you with additional energy, stamina and health.

This weekend is the perfect time to step up your chop shop. A stash of Chop Shop construction parts headed to New York was hijacked, and we’re sharing the wealth with you. You’ll have enough materials to step up your Chop Shop by one level or start your Chop Shop if you haven’t done so already. And with three new cars, it’s time to set up your mafia with the fastest and most furious cars that crime can buy.

Challenge Mission: South Africa

As the world’s gaze turns to South Africa and the conclusion of the Global Cup, you’ve prepared for the boldest Challenge Mission yet - fixing the biggest sport game in the world.

Success won’t be easy. The plan involves pulling off the largest gold heist that Africa has ever seen, and blackmailing the almost impeachable match referees to rig the game.

To continue the celebration, all mastery progress for Challenge Mission: South Africa will be doubled this weekend. Take this chance to get ahead with your progress as you’ll need it to get access to awesome new rewards for this challenge.

Mafia Wars "Must Play Weekend"

Mafia Wars: Las Vegas is almost here , and this Saturday, July 3rd, you’ll get a chance to loot exclusive “Vegas Chips”. These chips will give you an advantage when Vegas releases, so you’d better collect as many as you can get ahead of your Mafia rivals. If that wasn’t enough, Sunday and Monday (4th and 5th of July) will be a special double-double event.

You’ll get twice the job mastery and twice the fight loot while fighting in New York, Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok. Use this opportunity to equip your Mafia to prepare for Las Vegas, as good Weapons, Armor, Vehicles and Animals will be even more vital to facing the challenge of controlling the brutal underworld of Sin City.

Mafia Wars fans, clear out your weekend for some serious crime time.

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