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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Raven Is Back And Yes It Has Been Nerfed

Graphic Courtesy of Mafia Wars Loot Lady 

I apologize for using this site for my blog but my regular one is still down.

The Raven is back from his retreat to Cuba and guess what he is now harder than before and just as elusive as before. He must of took some steroids while there as his health increased and they have removed the shotgun blast in favor for a new weapon called the sniper shot.

Lets start with the fact his health has been increased for the 30,000 it was to 55,000. YES 55,000 !!! WTF !!!

The next thing is that the Shotgun Blasts we normally use for boss fights have been replaced by Sniper Shots which are not giftable like the Shotgun Blasts, you have to get them by icing people in fights from what I have seen so far or of course you can buy them in the market place along with the rest of the weapons needed to beat the Raven. NOT GONNA HAPPEN ! 

FYI the New Sniper Shots do around 150 to 250 damage each.The loot drop rates suck on getting the items need to fight the raven too. 

Next thing is the Combos, and now they are really important in the fight, while the first 2 are fine and work for everyone the 3rd one which causes the most damage is going to change from what I am reading into this lovely red message they put on the combo screen.
"There are 6 different red C-C-C-combos when you fight the Assassin. That means the red combo that works for you may not be the same for your friends.".
Courtesy of the Mafia Wars Loot Lady 

Are you kidding me !?!? WTF !!! What ever happened to a fair and balanced game Zynga. Don't you think this stupid boss fight is challenging enough with out this one. Anyhow ...

In my opinion they screwed up a crappy boss fight even more than it was. They have made it so people are just gonna get pissed and not do it and for the new players not to mention the veterans, it is just gonna frustrate them even more. This is a perfect example of why you are losing players at an alarming rate. You keep messing with the game dynamics and just piss everyone off. Did you ever hear the phrase "If it ain't broke dont fix it." ? Learn it fast my friends. 

Bottom line here is that they screwed up a perfectly bad boss fight. In my opinion it is not worth the aggravation or time to do this thing. They added 25,000 more health to the boss, took away the gifting of the parts, messed with the combos and for a piece of loot that from all indications will be obsolete in 2 months & a couple of achievements and didn't increase the timer to allow more time for all these changes. What do they think we have time to just sit here for 8 hours to farm the items to just beat the Raven and if you don't beat him in the allotted time you wont see him like 3 more days after that. I think not, so the return of the Raven in my eyes is a huge failure and I guess I wont be getting this loot or achievements. Oh Well . 

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  1. i barely scratched him with a FULL arsenault -so apparently the combos are really important on this guy...of course i didnt finish, but hes back up in my fight list
    - DHM's Defender