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Friday, July 23, 2010

Viva Las Vegas & Other Zynga News

Hey everyone welcome back. Vegas in Beta form is here and we are the guinea pigs LOL.
So far it is okay but nothing to really write home about. The graphics are top notch and is very flash oriented so update your Flash player if you haven't already and you will need to clear you cache more if you are in Vegas alot.

It does combine energy and stamina accounts into one, so if you went to be a fighter now you have to build up your energy and visa versa for energy accounts. It is expensive and uses alot of energy and stamina.

You do have various paths to chose such as Energy Path, Fight Path & Social Path( Where You can ask for help on jobs but that doesnt help you master that job like in Moscow and Bangkok). There are also 4 levels for Vegas(Bronze,Silver,Gold,Ruby). Each district is long and drawn out and it takes awhile to master if you dont have alot of energy and stamina. So far there are 5 open districts with District 6 coming soon and maybe a couple more down the road.

Now there is something very important you need to know about the Boss jobs. In other cites when you master a level and get a loot item. Well in Vegas you do too but you will not get multiple items for every Boss fight it will take the first item you got and just upgrade its value to a higher attack & defense. I know it sucks but let me show you what I mean in pictures.

So You will NOT get a new car for each level they will only upgrade the Attack/Defense value. And I have confirmed this with Zynga via phone that this is true. It drove me nuts when mine were removed and my attack and defense dropped but this is how Zynga wants it. I know alot of us dont agree but we would have a better chance of fighting City Hall than Zynga.

You also have to do jobs to unlock the various properties for your casino with each district completed. The good thing is that you just need to finish the bronze level to unlock each new district. Then each property is treated like our chop shop & Weapon Depot you have to build them up to the 5 star level by getting things like steel girders, concrete and many other thing you will need specific to that property. Alot of things are needed and you can only ask your mafia to help once a day and due to a bug you can only ask for help on one property right now not for multiple properties so this will be a slow go here to make the entire thing a 5 star casino.

Your Vault is very important you really want to upgrade that first as you can blow thru the districts very fast and you will probably have alot of money available you want to vault but if you dont upgrade your vault you will have to leave it out and exposed. You can spend your reward points to upgrade them faster but not everyone has that luxury or has the money to spend to do so. And your vault can only hold so much at a time and that is very little in the beginning. So Upgrade that first.

There is a good feature in your casino where you can convert money from various cities into Vegas chips. The ratios suck but as you upgrade the more you can convert from the other cities and every little bit helps as Vegas is expensive. Plus all those racks of chips everyone gives you can be converted into Vegas chips as well and they are like those envelopes of Bhat that we had. The bad thing is that you can only accept 10 racks of chip per day from your friends.

They also included a Fight Club Tournament which I really like. This is where you go through the various weight classes and win in the 3 various levels like the regionals, nationals and championship. This is a good feature and fun. You can bet on the fighters in the brackets including yourself or you can bet against yourself. This is where you get those Famous Victory Token we have heard about in the marketplace and this is going to coincide with the mew top mafia set up that came and went then came back and left again. So yes, The New Top Mafia, will be back again.

There are numerous new achievements to get in Vegas and I am sure many more to come. You get achievements for fighting, building and upgrading your properties or Casino, Icing people and a few others.

So Vegas in general is nothing special but is interesting and has some good things and bad things. The loot isnt to good for the higher level players but it will help those lower level players or even those looter accounts. So I give Vegas 3 stars out of 5 until they fix some issues and so far from talking with them they seem to be sincere and are fixing them. We will see what happens.

Now for something very disturbing that has to do with Zynga Poker. The game itself is fun and pretty good but I found something that is just wrong. Especially since kids play the game.

In the gift shop you can can buy various items but I found you can now buy Water Pipes or as they are know on the street BONGS. Yes, bongs, they also sell cigars cigarettes, Maui Wowie ( Where I come from that is Joints or Marijuana ). This is just wrong and it sends a bad message to our kids as it is okay to use this stuff.

If Hollywood could remove it and the government banned it from magazines and TV what gives Zynga the right to have it in a video game kids. They need to show better judgement and remove this. If you dont believe that it exists here is a screenshot.

I suggest we all write Zynga and ask them to remove the items. If Tommy Chong can go to jail for selling them what do you think should happen to Zynga for promoting its use and making them available in a virtual game. I still say they are sending the wrong message to our kids and it needs to stop NOW.

Well thats all I got for now see you next time. and thank you again for nominating me for a Bloggers Choice Award 2010. I still need the votes to win so keep voting for me.

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  1. RE Zynga Poker: Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!?!? Personally, I think that the internet has much worse things on it than pretend bongs on free to play internet poker.

    Also, Vegas is 4/5 IMO, makes the other cities look rubbish. I love the way you get the mastery rewards at the first mastery, so the massive energy accounts don't get the massive advantage.

  2. Going in for nomination I'm very proud of You John. I think it is important to keep information up to date & let people know what is going on. Thanks for sharing & caring! <3 Creatique

  3. Yeah! It's ok to kill and rob in a game. But NOOOOO a BONG!!!!!

  4. ::eyeroll::

    Heaven forbid a kid see a water pipe (which in many countries is used to smoke tobacco, folks) and a variety of marijuana -- an herb which grows wild and harms no organ of the body as long as it's ingested and not smoked.

    But it's okay to send your kids into Texas Hold'Em Poker and teach them how to GAMBLE? 'Cause it's not as if gambling addiction is a problem in the US, or that having an addiction that causes you to lose every cent you own, your life savings, your house, etc. is any sort of a problem.

    Fricking hypocrite. You want to "save the children"? DON'T TEACH THEM TO #*&^*!! GAMBLE!

    Seriously, what the hell is WRONG with you?

  5. Agreed need to remove those questionable items fro poker. Vegas information is great Thanks

  6. Who the hell cares if there is a bong and a joint in Zynga poker? So many people out there use marijuana! Many just won't admit to it because they don't want to be looked down on by someone like you. Yes, kids will see it. Good parents will have seen it before their kids. Good parenting requires talking openly to your kids about these things, because they may see the real thing before they see it in a game. If Zynga has to remove something like that then Mafia Wars is doomed because it mentions crimes much worse than smoking pot. Get over it!


  8. any information on how to beat the BOSSes? I;m working on level 4 of the 1st district, but each time I fight the Boss, I always lose....what's the best strategy?

  9. Stun him. You will win everytime that's what I do.

  10. Dena Russell |{LW}|U-DOGJuly 31, 2010 at 11:56 PM

    To beat the boss use your tools at the bottom, the taser works great, and increase YOUR health using the box with the heart in it. You should be able to beat any boss as long as you have ten of each item below where it says "attack".