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Friday, June 11, 2010

Zynga Commits The Ultimate Screw Up !!!

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Ok enough with the plugs on to the news.

It looks like Zynga does know how to fix a glitch. There was a glitch where you put a code in the section under help and it would give you 600- 700 Reward Points along with some loot items.Thousands of people across Mafia Wars used it.

Well Zynga caught that and rolled them back. Myself included. But they rolled people back to an earlier version of the game before the code glitch. So you know what happened you lost all those reward points and anything you bought with them and that would of been ok but they also removed everything else you did prior to that.

So if earlier in the day you leveled up, finished jobs, bought new loot ( legally ), built cars & weapons or even after you used the code you lost everything you did and bought. Now that is just wrong !!!

If they wanted to get back their reward points then they should of just deducted them from your skill points as most people put them in there BUT NOOOOO !!!! They rolled you back and took everything you did as they didnt care about they just said F U deal with it.

Well guess what Zynga you have just opened yourself up to a major class action lawsuit but I know you dont care. You will also going to get a black eye with your investors when we get done with you. Not to mention the bad press your will be getting making it harder for you to attract new clients/investors and advertisers. You are finally going to feel it where it hurts your pocketbooks.

If you dont want people to do stuff like what happened then you need to a better job of coding, I know kids that code better than your company. You should of made the code a unique, 1 time use code not a code that could be used by the masses.

You also made a mistake by rolling back people who never used the code. It is not hard to track the code users as they are all in one area of on the server and dated. But to rollback innocent players and to take stuff before and after the glitch is just Bullshit.

Oh and I love your customer service response to those innocent players that contacted you :

Hello XXXXX,

Thanks for contacting Zynga.

My name is Alma. I am with Zynga Customer Support.

Your account was determined to have used an unauthorized redemption code resulting in $120 worth of Reward Points. As a result of this action, your account has been rolled back for 24 hours. This rollback will not be reversed.

If you have purchased other reward points during this interval, they will be applied to your account. Other then that there is nothing further I can assist you with concerning this matter.

Thank you XXXXX, for your understanding and cooperation.

Kind regards,
Alma F.
Zynga Customer Support

Are you kidding me !!! This is your answer to them and they didn't even use the code. So they are screwed then over a mistake on your part and for a measly $120 glitch you yourself caused. They lose everything they have done and worked hard for. It is no wonder you are losing millions of users of your games every month !!!

I want everyone who was rolled back to go and flood Zynga with nasty emails and tell them how you really feel and that you are going to sue them if they dont fix this especially those of you who did not use the code. Here is the email addresses to contact Zynga : and this one and I suggest you write to them and flood them with complaint letter. Here is the address & phone number :

Zynga Game Network Inc.
(866) 820-2321
365 Vermont Street San Francisco, CA 94103
Mr. Ramon Icasiano, Vice President Customer Service

Also if you know anyone works for Newspapers / TV / Lawyers / Government, you send them a letter about Zynga and how they are ripping us off and not giving proper service. Lay it on thick so they take notice and get involved. Even send it to the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) & BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) and let them know.

You friggin amaze me !!! You can catch this but when we tell you there is a bug or glitch, you just answer us with " What you talking about Player " You cant fix simple things like making gifting easier , putting friends back in peoples mafia that you removed by accident, fixing the jobs glitch where we continually have to redo them and /or start the entire chapter again ETC... What do you think we are stupid ??? If you really cared about us you would fix things ASAP so we would keep playing the games you have.

And these glitches and bugs are not just on Mafia Wars but on all your games. They all have issues !!!! Each and everyone does !!! But instead of fixing them you do what come out with more crappy games that all have glitches and bugs. We all know you need to make money but fix things first and you will have people stay and maybe even spend money.

BTW Zynga cheat codes are built into every REAL video game by every Real video game maker. EA Games, Sony, XBOX, Nitendo they all do it. Why , to keep the players playing the game and have fun trying to find them. Remember this issue was your fault because you didn't do a good job at coding you made a cheat or exploit available for everyone to use. You screwed up and now you are taking it out on the people who pay your bills and play your games. You should be firing those crappy programmers of your who made the mistake not the player who used it.

You know you spam us all everyday we take it, you dont fix glitches and we take that too but when you take our time and money and all the effort we put into the game away, well guess what we are done taking it and I really hope you get burned on this one because it is not going away.

I am not saying I dont like your games because I do And I love playing them but you are just going to far. Ok I got rolled back so what I dont mind it. But when you go after innocent people I am not going to take it nor should they and I really hope everyone emails you and shows you how pissed they really are. And I really hope you wake up and return to them all their hard earned loot and stuff they got. If You dont you are going to see more and more people leave you and all your games especially now that the big video game makes are jumping in to the social gaming platform. It is only a matter of time till they start stealing you fans & players to their games which will be much better than anything you can produce.

And guess what they have more money than you and they care about their gamers and think they should all be happy. Yes dont get me wrong they want to make money but they also want to have a good name in the industry. To you it is lets make all the money we can and then run away. F the players as long as we make money.

So I suggest you shape up or ship out. Because we aren't going to take the abuse anymore.

I offer you this challenge give everything back to the players rolled back and show us you care about us and how we feel. Show us that you realize this was a mistake on your end and that you are not going to penalize us. it is still early enough to give everyone back some thing. Here is a suggestion give everyone rolled back 50 reward points, 4 high end loot items or marketplace items and be the bigger person and admit your team made the mistake.

I know you will never do this but I want you to prove me wrong. Show all of us players you care. LMAO It will never happen !!!

Well thats all for this week lets see what happens and again thank you for your support and please Vote for my blog.


  1. My sentiments exactly John ....we have taken and been fed crap for way too long, its time For Zynga to at least acknowlege that the "glitch" is in my view fair recompense for the constant and continued utter disregard for how our gameplay is affected on a daily basis, in the past the present and no doubt the future!! Amazing how quickly Zynga can "fix" their errors within 48 hours, yet fail at the basic level to address our BUGS..... You deserve everything that is coming at you Zynga and more. I am not unhappy at havin my account rolled back ..what is WRONG .. is you took more than we gained .. once again .. not only punishing us and the innocent for your poor Coding.. but making it even more unbearabe at your continued constant diregard for our E-mails .. begging you to put the game right, do you listen .. do ya hell!!! WE pay your wages directly and indirectly, WE make you who and what you are, and with the will can easily make the profit margins shrink! Do the right and honorable thing .. compromise.... OHHH sorry .. Zynga thinks that is not possible . cos their heads are up each others asses !!! Treat us with some respect Zynga .. you will be amazed at the results ... OHH sorry Zynga dont want results they want pandemonium every aspect of the gameplayers experience... Yours rather Peed off "Chick"


  3. What does Zynga expect????

    They have created a game that is all about stealing, killing and cheating. So, the exploit was just another "mouse click" to steal, kill, cheat, and become stronger in a game that rewards strength. They soften the game somewhat with gifting ("it is better to give than receive"), oh wait...that's one of the parts that never seems to work quite right.

    How many gifts have we been cheated out of??? ("you don't have a gift from ???")

    How many Mystery Bags have we lost??? ("You have
    already received a gift from ??? today")

    How many rewards points have we been cheated out of??? (don't level-up while robbing, you won't receive the reward point.)

    Yet, with all of it's faults we have continued to play this game, suffering through all of their coding issues that punished us and taking advantage of the coding errors that rewarded us.
    (After all, in this game cheaters do prosper: Everyday I fight players who used the "Baht exploit" to max-out their stats. Zynga went after a few and rolled them back, but not many. I guess that is the difference between real money and play money..they go after the real money with a vengance...even to the point of stealing from their customers!)

    So, unfortunately due to Zynga's inept coding, their poor handling of the "Tagged exploit" rollback, and their apparent lack of understanding of customer service, I fear that Mafia Wars will soon become a shell of it's former self.

  4. I say everyone should respond the the email address Zygna supplied din their rollback notice. Overwhelm them with unhappy letters. Here is my letter:

    I am disappointed that you chose to rollback my account. I was unaware that I was using an "exploit" and I assumed it was just another in a long line of give-aways executed by Zygna for loyal Mafia Wars players.

    I simply entered a code, much like the access code I enter each week to receive a benefit from Zygna. It was entered into an on screen location under the help tab. If I was ineligible to receive this windfall, why should it have been allowed to work?

    Additionally, I received 650 RP and earned a total of 188 Skill points. It would have been easy to

    a) Issue a notice that I was in fact not eligible to receive the award and ask for a description of how I spent the RP and then made adjustments accordingly or

    b) Award all other game players the same benefit to make everything "even and equitable"

    But to send me a note with accusatory language is not something I think is indicative of the relationship Zygna would like to foster with loyal, daily players. And to further punish me for your error in coding by stripping me of the fruits of my game play over the last 24 hours is completely and unnecessarily punitive.

    I in no way did anything I thought was not a legitimate part of the game or a Zygna promotion and to be told that "future use of exploits may result in disciplinary actions, up to and including the permanent banning of your account" indicates a tone that I find terribly insulting and derogatory.

    To be told that taking an action that I legitimately believed was within the scope of the game and within the terms of service of Zygna will cause me to be permanently banned. I simply did what I have done many times, found a notice on the Facebook feed of a bonus from Zygna, clicked it and received bonus RP.

    Certainly I was surprised at the size of the bonus, but to be told I will be banned for a completely innocent action is again, insulting. Zygna has harmed relations with this longtime, dedicated and loyal fan. I can only assume that many others feel the same way.

    Zygna should reconsider the tone of the message they are sending and perhaps offer some token as an apology for his unprofessional action.

    It was clearly stateded on Zynga's forum that it was a glitch. Which it clearly was not a glitch, it was on purpose - just we werent supposed to be lucky enough to get it.... also, when Zynga sent that little note, Now its called an exploit and not glitch.. Back tracking to fix their F*ck up.

    They arbitrarily decided to take away stuff from us that had nothing to do with the "exploit" or "glitch" or "sloppy software development" - whatever the euphemism is at the moment. They reminded me who's in charge and the fact that they can do that any time the feel like it.

    In general, I don't enter into business relations with folks that treat me that way. This was a business relationship I had with Zynga. I gave them some $, they gave me some entertainment. I'm not going to be made to feel to be a thief cheat and liar over taking advantage of their poorly written application - and their tone in every communication I've had with them has been as such.

    I'd rather play solitaire by myself and listen to Oprah all day than be captive to the whims of some arbitrary organization like this. Screw that. I'll get back into golf or something actually productive.

  5. Thank you John for again taking up the cause and not only lambasting Zynga (I call them "the evil empire")in a place where it may actually hurt them but also for providing the information on how to contact this group of idiotic geeks.

    I knew nothing of the "glitch" relating to the Tagged players until it was over. However, I found that my stats that had gone up the evening before because of the animals addition by almost 20,000 points in both A and D were rolled back by 10,000 each. I was somewhat perturbed as I had done nothing unusual and I did not participate in the "glitch". Despite 2 separate requests for assistance or answers, all I have received is the standard " we have received your complaint...blah.blah....others are having the same difficulty...blah blah...we are doing our best to fix this problem...blah, blah and more f'ing blah".

    Today, I have lost reward points and stamina because I wasn't watching closely enough when I leveled up. Of course they didn't throw up the screen telling me I had leveled...that would be too finish your board only to find that you have lost stamina on the level up....why could they not continue to use the stamina you had until you quit the board?

    Today, the pages would not load when I went from FB to would start loading, then stop and reload...watched this happen 15-20 times at much for actually making it to the war, getting one of the forges, blocks, or animals before 5 others snapped them up...sometimes even to be able to give job help...many times the full screen would be there but for the button to accept something (btw, what's with think I clicked on this job or bonus or item because I didn't want it?)

    What's with these stashes found by someone while you are whacking or doing a job not being directed to the person who found it...they now clog up the feed as everyone has to see them but no one gets anything...I can't understand the thinking behind that move...but..oh silly of me...these jokers don't care that this development is nothing short of moronic. So we are game players in a simple computer game. Why should we garner any respect because we are playing a "free" game. Why should getting these little extras mean anything? It appears that none of the developers understand what they have built...sure it's a game but they wanted us to build our families so we did and what we found were people all over the world that loved to play this game. We actually care about moving forward in the game and having little thrills when we kill someone that was tough to beat..or finish a level...or finish a place after slogging it through the 1% mastery jobs. We have a cheering section who support us and that we support...we share our personal triumphs and sorrows away from the game with the friends we have made all over the world.

    I am part of a group of people with a common interest in food who set up our own website after being banned from "Plenty of Fish" for speaking our minds in their forums. We meet there and chat, exchange recipes and banter, and build the online friendships that started from being on a site. I know that those in my family with whom I have become close would happily do pretty much the same, bringing with them the members of their families with whom they have become close and we could all have a place to meet and keep up the good friendships that have come from playing MW. We don't need the game to entertain us. Perhaps the folks at Zynga should keep this in mind.

  6. Seems I type too much for this blog comment post was too long so here is the rest of it:

    Right now, I hear over and over from many of my family members that the only reason they continue to play MW is because they want to remain part of the community that has grown up...they want to continue to have interaction with their family members who have become friends and especially those who have become just like real family. Right now, just about anyone with a better gaming platform and a bit of a public relations department could come along and attract all the millions of players that Zynga thinks will remain loyal to them...fat chance. The reality is that everyone could have various of their family members who have the expertise set up a website or several websites that could keep up the friendships without the hassle that would become hugely popular overnight...perhaps we could call it "the home of disillusioned Zynga gamers". I have no doubt it could rival even FB in popularity.

    Another thing that Zynga seems to not understand is that MW is played by people of all ages, education and occupations. I am a 56 year old lawyer and this is the first computer game, aside from Scrabble, that I have ever played...there are many members of my family who are my age and who are also playing a game on the computer for the first time. We are old enough to know what "customer service" really means. We are all very aware that Zynga seems to have no concept when it comes to "customer service" or pride in providing that and the best possible gaming experience...they seem to think that now that we are all hooked we can be treated like cattle on the way to a slaughterhouse. Sorry, doesn't work for me.

  7. They can roll peoples account back 24 ours for a glitch yet my account got hacked last week and they said they could only roll it back 2 months prior to the hack on my account. More Zynga lies. I lost all my loot and they could fix it but they are just dragging their feet.

  8. Could not have said it better myself... Mario Gandolfo, !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Excellent words by all!!

  10. So who is starting the class action lawsuit?? What are the costs involved? I have to say I have spent a lot of money on this game and I think it would be better spent in a lawsuit to fix the game.

  11. well dumbass me I contacted zynga talked to adam B he said that they would take 40 points from all my stats, and they did , i was ok with this.
    But lo and behold not only did they take the points but they rolled me back 48 hours as well , kinda feels like insult to injury! and really what the hell have they lost ?? lil pictures of stuff is all i can figure out ,,,and are they the pot calling the kettle black ? after what mark pinkus said about the suckers that the games ,, the tool bar that one could not get rid of ?? I will gladly join any class action that is levied against zynga.

  12. I will gladly join and post to my mafia of over 3000 of which they are not happy either and I am sure would join a class action law suit.

  13. Ummm... small voice in the MW wilderness here. But excuse me, WHY is it necessary to cheat, exploit, use bots, etc, anyway?

    RE: "Here is a suggestion: give everyone rolled back 50 reward points, 4 high end loot items or marketplace items" .... BLARDY HELL!! You expect to get that, because you lost through cheating...... I didn't, but will I get those 50 reward points, etc for NOT cheating? Just something to think about......

    I hear the pain of those who are innocent, or lost more than they got by cheating.... but what about those who chose to be honest, and fight and build fairly??

    Think about it folks! I put up with the same cr@p with the glitches as the cheat exploiters... but you cheaters expect a bonus?? Am I seeing things??

  14. Who is to say that Zynga did not release these cheats and exploits themselves to steal from their customers? Release a glitch and wait till enough people have used it - and then bam! Nab the ones that have used real money on their accounts and roll them back with an accusatory letter so that the customers feel guilty and shamed enough to spend more money to make up for what they lost during one of Zynga's punishing roll backs!!
    Zynga's team up with Facebook is a foolproof way to cheat customers. Facebook never responds to its customers and Zynga is not liable either. So when some innocent players account gets banned for NO reason what so ever - they have no choice but to start over. For Zynga its a 200% profit situation where Facebook gets a good cut off too.

    It seems as though they target innocent players with their wrong and profit yielding plots. There are so many abusive users on Facebook, how come only the ones playing Mafia Wars get banned?

    What is this group doing on facebook when some groups about Zynga abuses get magically wiped out? Check this group -

    So the bottom line is that Zynga is minting money off us and Facebook is taking a joyride. We need legal support to handle the two.

  15. Mafia Wars Victim # 78901098June 14, 2010 at 8:49 AM

    Hey ~ my acc0unt on faceb00k was disabled with n0 n0tice and n0 reas0n what s0 ever !!!!
    WHY FACEB00K??
    Was it because I was at level 370+ and y0u wanted me t0 start over?? Screw u !! I never used a glitch 0r cheat 0n my acc0unt - then WHY?

    All that scripts d0 is SAVE us fr0m the mindless r0b0tic clicking!! Why will I click a 1000 times when a script can d0 that f0r me??? Why will I n0t use a script when y0u anyway r0ll back pe0ple's accounts?


  16. Part 1/3
    The Mafia Wars Team Attention:

    My records indicate that I am a customer who has put my cash into your hands and you insulted me. Other players I spoke with obviously share my feelings without being capable of communicating specifics as I am. Instead, you're only missing their profanity and rejection of your imputed shame because they mute themselves in hope of preventing more of the same. Let your records indicate this.

    Please see this gets to the right person as this is not a personal message. I've carefully considered this and I don't want an answer.

    Neither do I want anything personally in consideration for performing my service for you. I fully understand I'm speaking to Zynga's representative and NOT one who is responsible for this... Right! I can tell that by the way they gather all responses from the same lump of pissed-off players they have created into one emailtrashcan -- -- that this may never actually happen. This is such typical behavior from a poorly-customer-oriented business that you can't find any way to contact those you want after you take the time trying to search them out.

    First, for Zynga's edification, IESNARE, FLASH COOKIES, and any other SPYWARE is an exploit for anyone other than Zynga. Did I "roll

    you back?" What hard time did you get from me about that? Exploit? It is plain INSULT with Zynga and spammy pop-ups to "Visit the

    Marketplace," "Tired of losing," "Keep wining," "Sale prices," and etc., etc... It's in our face and it's pathetic. Zynga INFECTS THEIR

    CUSTOMERS' SYSTEMS WITH ZYNGA's TROJAN SPYWARE--THAT'S EXPLOIT. Zynga's reply about IESNARE, next time [installing malware on your system] we will choose a better name.. that is not insultive? Sound's like you'll be putting lipstick on the pig to the customers you worked to deceive though. Zynga spams prolific spam--THAT'S EXPLOIT. Zynga WORKS to ruin what has been a good thing. I turn myself in, GUILTY for being participative in all the above activity!

  17. part 2/3
    Yet, you, "The Mafia Wars Team" call this "exploit" on me and how many of our friends?!? Yes? Zynga INSTALLED a "TAGGED" button for anyone to click? Yes? Zynga installed the pop-up input box for anyone who pleased to click on, be prompted for a code and press enter? Yes? FYI, EVERY SINGLE DAY on facebook, we get one or two group invites to join a group or add a page that all promise "Godfather Reward Points" for doing this or that. ON THIS OCCASION, no less than THREE of my friends say, "This really works! Go, click, put in this code..." and, , it really did work! So please note that in the future, maybe you might just award Godfather Reward Points as a gift only your intended recipients can accept, instead of sucking your customers in like this! Instead, Zynga prefers to insult those who pay the profits you enjoy! Since this is all business to you, "You think these insults and exploits are good business?" It sure seems so. You certainly excel in them!

    Second, for Zynga's edification, corrective action IS disciplinary action! But, since Zynga is hard on to persecute, just leave my

    corrective rollback as it is. Note in your records that you wasted an entire days or more of my and my friends time! Your waste included MORE than your precious redeemed Reward Points. We have further losses (E.G. a new friend sent me one of the Diamond Collection, which because of the rollback don't have and I can't return to her--it had NOTHING to do with your redeemed Reward Points using an exploit OR NOT. That was the first time I have even seen any of those.)

    I am calm and I still find enjoyment in playing Mafia Wars. Yet, I am deeply hurt by words and actions. You keep it all just as you have claimed it. Our friends outside my clan were involved and I know this scam must be very widespead. Experienced players I know have put funds into their character and feel victimized the same way. (AFTER reading your ATTENTION note, they felt WE HAD BEEN HAD.) Perhaps your scam was not intentional, I think maybe it was, regardless, I already feel violated because of it and I fear if not, you might screw any remedy up even worse!

  18. part 3/3
    You want to do some repair? Try sending all these people, our friends, an apology like ...unauthorized Reward Points were redeemed as you previously announced, and while you won't change the roll-back, as many of us should not expect of you, that you do understand how insulted your customers may feel because of corrective action which admittedly was based purely on your own assumptions and that you do regret causing any hard feelings unnecessarily while reserving any deserved contempt to those concerned. Leave it for the reader to know the membership of which class. Maybe send some worthless Exploit-TAG collectible non-giftable art loot item as a token gift. They will be reminded not to participate in exploits that they may reject. (That's one way you could have done TAGGED instead of a TAGGEDCODEEXPLOIT roll-back on your first run!)

    Third, communicating observations... After you performed the roll-back and maybe an hour of my own maintance, re-purchase of NY, CUBA, and MOSCOW animals and the like. After a short while what I thought seemed purely sour grapes, on close inspection I realized was indeed the reality! Those "redeemed Rewards Points using an exploit" made virtually no difference in my winning or losing. Curious, huh? Maybe we were just all caught up in your scam. The same players I fought before [redeeming all Reward Points for skill points] and after and then after the rollback--still I had the same outcome! I am left to contemplate [whether 600+ Reward Points should be worth] any future purchase? Without the roll-back, this would all have gone undetected and I would have happily gone on spending to up my skills. This, you cut your own profits.

    Just to help you realize how impotent are your corrective actions, "your" 600+ Reward Points, and your reasons for insults have all been--All that remains in MY RECORDS are your insults! So because of all this, you may keep my account active at this point or as long as receiving money from my purchases seems pleasurable. Obviously, you are impotent because of profit to lose so many paying customers are involved; YET you can insult in any manner you choose. Let your records indicate... insulted players whomever you feel up to imputing your shame upon as you have done for me, we may continue to play and may albeit LONG in the future perhaps purchase again. In the future, or at any point, you may permanently ban my account. Wouldn't that be just another business failure? In all the past when I played I paid. In your awesomeness, YOU set me up for this "exploit" and prove repeatedly one more of how many ways you can fail at your customer's expense.

    YOU started the whether transgressed or not "prior to redemption of these unauthorized Reward Points" and you have seriously damaged many customer relationships jumping to your conclusions without answer to your single query. There might have been other solutions. But I want no further harm, no further remedies that may be screwed-up. In the future, since you brought it up, please just leave me out of these unauthorized Reward Points, remove any future unauthorized malware, unauthorized excessive spammy pop-ups and unauthorized all such as this! I hope the persons who should be reading this are reading now.

    I want to be happier with this all to be behind us. "...At this point," I want no special case choices to take or reject. So I just remain...

    Your Belittled, Insulted and Powerless Zynga
    Cash Customer

  19. This is in regard to the new update Zynga so graciously stuffed down our throats yesterday.

    I've been smacked down all night... lmao. No biggie.

    The biggie is that if Zynga does not fix their latest robbing update... I'm quitting. I'm having enough issues getting through Bangkok because I never have enough Baht... now my biggest money making property is getting hit so hard I'm getting maybe 10% of it... which is NOT right in my humble opinion. At this rate, I'll never be able to get done.

    Mark (my husband) is feeling the same way, since he's just only got property in Bangkok, he is getting hit hard, and not gaining from it. What's the point.

    If they are going to let properties be robbed that soon, then they need to give us a way to protect it.

    AND... another side note.

    Mobsters in real life put hits out from their hospital bed and even from jail. So why can't we.

  20. I complained to Zynga about abusive play when I was robbed by 17 DIFFERENT players last night all at the same time. I had collected on all my properties just 30 minutes before. My buddy was hit by 48 different players tonight in a coordinated attack that I call cyberbullying.

    Here is Zynga's response to my complaint about the abusive play:

    Thank you for contacting Zynga Customer Support.

    We understand your frustration. It can be very annoying to be attacked or robbed over and over.

    It is important to understand that Mafia Wars is a game based on the day to day struggles of life in the mob. Much like how the movies portray mob life to be. It’s a tough, dog-eat-dog world. The strong survive and the weak sleep with the fishes.

    Here are some tips on ways to prevent getting beaten up too often.

    -Most Mafia Dons are bottom feeders who will scan the list and attack whoever looks the weakest. If you build up until you look strong, you won't have to fight as often.

    -Build up a large Mafia Family. They're your number one weapon for defense.

    -Start your own cartel by requesting the help of other Mafia families.

    -Bank your cash. If they don’t get anything from you they will eventually get bored.

    -Ask the godfather to change your name.

    -Increase your defense score.

    -Make sure to purchase items with a high defense value. Purchase enough to protect your entire Mafia.

    When another Don sees all those things, he'll go after someone else, and if he does come after you, you might even win.

    Kind regards,
    Alex K

    Zynga Customer Support
    Customer (Niike Ghaisarnia) 06/20/2010 09:43 PM
    I have been playing this game for over 1 year. Tonight I was attacked by over 20 different players in a 5 minute span in an orchestrated attack for properties that were no where near ready to be collected on. This is an abuse of the game and has made me very upset that you allow this type of game play to occur. This has never occurred before.

    This type of attack has made me physically ill. I play this game for fun and enjoyment. This is not fun.

    I think that some changes have been made on your part that has allowed this type of cyber bullying to occur. I'm ready to quit this whole thing even though I have spent money on points. This has happened to 3 other members of my mafia in the past 3 days.

    I will not play this game any longer unless you put a stop to this type of attack.

    Question Reference #100620-011741
    Product Level 1: Mafia Wars
    Category Level 1: Report Abuse/Cheats
    Date Created: 06/20/2010 09:43 PM
    Last Updated: 06/20/2010 10:23 PM
    Status: Answer Provided
    Where do you play?: Facebook

  21. Y'all went about this the wrong way. First, I'd like to point out that if I was Zynga, I'd be mad as hell at all the profits they have lost through glitches. When the link for rp's was going around PRIOR to the crime spree link getting passed around, people were getting aroung 1000 rp's before they caught it. That's $200/person. After that came the crime spree glitch, then the lotto cloning became public knowledge, then i guess they realized it was much more than just lotto. Then, quite conveniently, this code appeared. Not everyone coming over had the same number. It was already my understanding that each person rec'd their own unique identifier, but out of the blue appears this 'one' universal code? It was too good to be true, and because of that, I told people that there was no way that i would use it because I was convinced it was a sting. interestingly enough, my friend used the code, which did not work. The next day, she received the same notice from zynga that is posted above. she emailed them and received the same notice above... and although she did not get her account completely back the way it was the day before, she did get her legit rp's back. how? well, that's where she handled it the right way.

    she responded to their email that not only did they slander her by saying that she had "...used an unauthorized redemption code resulting in $120 worth of Reward Points...", but it was now libel because it was in print. she demanded a thorough audit be performed on her account and that any slanderous/libelous notations be removed from her account. soon she received her rp's back, but her account was not put back to where she had left it that night. that's okay because i was able to play the account and earn all those rp's over again thus a freebie. an energy acct is fun and easy to recoup a day's worth of work so i ended up with free rp.

    honestly folks. the majority of you stole from zynga. you did know better regardless of saying that you 'saw' a link for a zynga reward. if you truly believe that it was odd to get 600 or 700 rp's and never questioned it, then you are a stupid shit that deserves to lose a hell of a lot more than a day's worth of work in the game. if you're still playing this game after all the heartache, then it means something to you. how would you have felt to have just had your account taken away from you AND your facebook account? i think Zynga let everyone off pretty damn easy. you may point out that my friends account was rolled back even thought she didn't get rp's, but she did use the code and THAT is what got her caught. the people that say they didnt' get anything and got rolled back inevitably say that yes, they did try the code. in a court of law for a criminal proceeding, trying but not obtaining is just as damning as obtaining.

    for those of you that are truly innocent, contact zynga and demand a full audit of your account and tell them they will be responsible for libel if they don't.

    ** OHOYO **